The Legendary Master Croc once told me,


Sometimes, you are happy

Sometimes, you are sad

Sometimes, you have to be happy

Because you want the one who you love is happy too

Sometimes, you have to hide your pain

Hide it in your smile

Because your smile can make everyone smile too

It is hurt to keep it alone

But believe me, you will gain the inner strength

Yes, the inner strength

It will not help you to endure your pain

It will not lead you to INNER PEACE.

BUT You learn to control your emotion.

The important aspect to conquer your INNER PEACE

You are here not to make yourself happy

But believe me, when you make everybody around you happy, you will be happy

Then you know.. Your true friends will know you are not 100% happy

Thanks them, make them happy back, and stay with them

I know you dont want to share anything because you dont want make them suffer too

But appreciate them, hang on with the

If you cant share your pain, then share your happiness

Dont be too judgemental

That is all I can give you..

Be a strong Dragon Warrior..”


Sometimes, you see the person is happy by judging from the outside view but…

you will never see what is going on inside.. the “suffer”

Thank you Master Croc

I will never forget your lessons

You taught me many things

You gave me valuable experiences.

I will remember you.. Always..

And i will never say it again like i promised before..

Just want you to be happy..

sorry if its still not enough..

Suffering becomes beautiful when anyone bears great calamities with cheerfulness, not through insensibility but through greatness of mind.